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Project Description
Sometime it is needed to download compressed files from Azure Storage in a startup task and then unpackage them. This tool helps everyone in such a need. After upload is done, the same tool upload a text file back to Azure Storage to notify that download completed with progress.

Time to time, I had to download things from Windows Azure Storage for my Windows Azure Project so I decided to simply write a command line tool which can download any files from Azure storage and after download is completed, I also wanted to get confirmation that download is completed.

To make it very simple solution, I just created a command line application which use Windows Azure Storage Credentials to download blob from Azure Storage and after download is completed, the same application upload a log file to Azure blob storage to confirm that download is completed.

To use this tool you can create a batch file as below:

@REM Setting up Azure Stroage Credentials
set azurestoragename=myazurestroage
set azurestoragekey=*******************************************************==
set storagecontainername=xyz

@REM Download Tomcat ZIP
packagedownloader.exe "%azurestoragename%" "%azurestoragekey%" "%storagecontainername%" "%filename%"


Once you will launch above batch file, the above will be download from the Azure Storage name "myazurestorage" from container xyz. After the download completed, a log file will be uploaded to same "xyz" container in Azure Storage "myazurestorage" as below:

I got some kick start for this tool from Kevin blogs as below:

Using above blog I took the base BlobTransfer class written by Kevin and just added some code to create a commnadline application which can satisfy my need. 

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